Our Process

Brent Industries has developed a unique “Closed Loop Reconditioning Process” for the provisioning and cleaning of reusable absorbent products containing non-hazardous, quasi-hazardous, and hazardous substances. We have done so without experiencing the residual wastewater and air emission problems confronting dry-cleaners and conventional industrial textile rental companies.

Our system is unique because we have gone beyond the traditional distillation process utilized by mineral spirits dry-cleaners and have developed a proprietary system that includes a petrochemical refinery at each plant. Our refinery process allows us to reclaim solvents used in our processing, and some solvents contained in the absorbents for continual reuse.


Our process also allows us to categorize our waste. While we do generate hazardous waste from our process, the waste is properly classified and shipped to a licensed TSDF facility where it is blended with other wastes to produce a uysable fuel. It is then sent to a cement kiln for use as a supplemental fuel source.

While we cannot transfer or totally eliminate your cradle-to-grave liability, we an help you reduce your exposure and risk almost to the point of elimination.